The Important Features You Need in Fire Inspection Software

The Important Features You Need in Fire Inspection Software

Fire inspection software is an essential aspect of a fire department’s contribution to its community. The work spent by fire specialists keeping buildings safer pays dividends in lives and property saved via the prevention, from new construction to routine inspections on existing structures.

Building materials and blueprints become more sophisticated and specialized and cities continue to develop at a faster pace, the old approach of paper-and-pen inspections can no longer keep up. Furthermore, using inspections to develop fire pre-plans has the valuable benefits of m&a to adding another time-consuming stage to the fire inspector’s laborious job.

As a result, many fire departments are switching to fire inspection software, making their duties easier and more thorough during inspections and after preparing incident plans. These software solutions, designed expressly for fire inspections, digitize the checklists and forms used in property inspections.

These digital data may then be utilized to develop a digital fire pre-plan, stored in the cloud for secure storage and maintenance, and shared with all responding staff as needed during an emergency.

These 3 Features you need in your Fire Inspections Software

Property Information from the Past

In a neighborhood, occupants and owners change regularly, making it difficult to keep track of all companies that have occupied a single property throughout time—knowing that knowledge, on the other hand, might be crucial for fire system inspection. If, for example, the former occupant of a building housed dangerous materials known to be carcinogenic to people.

The fire inspector would want to undertake an additional level of examination to guarantee the facility was safe for human occupation.

The Batching of Fire Inspections

In certain cases, you may need to do a variety of inspections on several properties year round depending on the sort of inspection you are conducting. While pen and paper and spreadsheets can aid in the organization of inspections, they lack the automation that software provides.

Look for fire inspection software that allows you to assign and arrange many inspections at the same time.

Attachments and Images

Important Features You Need in Fire Inspection Software | Firelab

One drawback of spreadsheets and pen-and-paper approaches is that they don’t allow you to attach photographs of infractions, chemical storage, or other important information. Taking a snapshot can assist in better defining infractions and identifying areas that may require attention during a response.

An unusual custom arrangement or a specific building item that is difficult to express in words can be conveyed simply by attaching a photo. Documents and signatures may also be appended to the inspection record instantaneously, eliminating paperwork and simplifying organization and storage.

These photos and attachments are stored with the digital record and are accessible to anybody who views it now or in the future. By implementing digital technology, you can assist your fire inspectors in becoming more organised and decreasing the hours spent tracking paper documents.

Final Thoughts

Fire inspection software may significantly increase the efficiency with which your fire inspectors do their duties. The technologies and linkages allow them to focus on knowing local properties and identifying fire threats rather than paperwork and spreadsheets.

Like the other equipment at the fire station, a robust and simple-to-use fire inspection company lets your crew do their work more successfully for a safer community.