Is Extended Warranty Worth It For Cars?

Is Extended Warranty Worth It For Cars?

Do you need a warranty for used cars? Used car dealer warranty services offer to protect the parts of the car. This is the reason that the dealers have extended warranty services over used cars. Which act as a shield for you and your vehicle and can be clean in case of damage. Do you know what an extended warranty is and why you should prefer an extended warranty car? All your questions and answers are here.

What is an extended warranty in used cars?

Every car that is being sold comes with a warranty period. The manufacturers give the warranty so that the customer can claim any replacement repair for any faulty part. This warranty comes with some limitations of which the customers are informed prior.

The warranty period decides by the manufacturers. Different manufacturers offer different warranty schemes. But when this warranty period expires then comes into play external warranty. This is an additional warranty that is given over the time of purchase of the car. The new owner of the used car can make use of this extended warranty.

If the previous owner had bought the extended warranty or f&i administrator over the standard warranty. It surely covers the repair and replacement of some specific parts after the standard warranty had expired.

What does the extended warranty cover?

This is totally decided by the manufacturer as to what should be covered in the extended warranty. And also not every car model has an extended warranty over it. If you have an extended warranty along with the standard warranty you can clean to get a good return value when you sell your car.

A usually extended warranty covers the repair or replacement of any damage to the engine and any type of electrical damage to the car and its parts. In wear and tear cases any part is not cover under extended warranty. These dealer warranty services are provided to the buyers so that they can get repair or replacement of the damage free of cost.

Things that are covered in a service contract

Extended Warranty

The extended warranty does not cover the general maintenance services of the car. As already mentioned, extended warranty does not cover the daily wear and tear of the parts like clutch, brake pads, and a few electronic parts.

Only your dealer or the only approved service centers that will help you avail the benefits of an extended warranty and no other dealer would. Any paint issues, rust, or wear-off due to aging are also not cover under this. A few of the dealers assurance company also do not cover damage due to rodent infestation, paint scratches, accidental damage to the parts, or damage due to floods and earthquakes as well.


Buying cars with an extended warranty is always beneficial. This would help you save a little from your pocket and help you cover repair and replacement of certain parts and allow you to get Maintenance services for your first at selected service centers.