Australian Best Printed Nursing & Medical Scrub Tops

Australian Best Printed Nursing & Medical Scrub Tops

Do you want to buy new scrubs tops for your clinical practice? Worried whether your new medical scrub top would be as good as your previous one? Don’t know where to look and how to choose your scrub top? Don’t worry, we are here at your rescue.

We in this article will help you sort your problem. Here you find solutions to your problems. All you need to do is stick with us, and by the end of this article, you will surely find all the solutions at this one-stop destination.

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How to choose perfect scrub tops?


It is important to choose perfect scrub tops by medical professionals because it is a kind of uniform that is worn by them when attending to their patients and sometimes in a few health care centers it is the admitted patients as well.

The scrub tops should not only be comfortable for the medical professionals but also should be simple, classy as well as functional. It should be such that it should not cause any discomfort or hindrance to them when at the job while attending to patients it should be the last thing that they need to worry about.

Here are listed below a few of the common basic criteria that you should consider when buying or getting stitched your scrub tops.


The color of the scrubs varies according to the purpose or post/ destination of the wearer. Doctors, surgeons, dentists or any other professionals prefer dark colors like black, navy blue, burgundy, while lab assistants prefer lighter shades and specifically white is the first choice, and nurses prefer light blue khaki green pink or other lighter shades.

The design of the scrub top

When buying or getting your scrub top stitched, decide before the handbag whether you need a basic or a trendy scrub top design. Trendy scrub tops are preferred because of their unique design and fitting and along with this it also gives excellent comfort.

The shape of the neckline

Choose a scrub top with a neckline that you are comfortable in. Usually, scrub tops are designed with a ‘V-shaped neckline or a round neckline, or a crewneck. Scrub tops with ‘V-shaped necklines are more trendy because they give a slimmer look to the wearer. Also, they are considered to be more functional as compared to scrub tops with other types of necklines.


Scrub tops come with or without chest pockets and patch pockets. If you are getting your scrubs customized and want to add a professional look to them you can add chest pockets and patch pockets. Pockets always come in handy in keeping essentials and small equipment. You will never regret having pockets on your scrubs tops.


Scrub tops come in with half sleeves or full sleeves. Mostly half sleeve scrub tops are preferred as it is less prone to getting contaminated.


These are some of the basic tips that you need to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect scrub tops for your medical profession. These tips will surely prove to be of great help to you especially if you are buying your scrubs for the first time.