Legal Translation Services In Dubai – What To Expect

Legal Translation Services In Dubai – What To Expect

Legal translation services in Dubai is an industry that is growing at a fast pace, particularly in regions like UAE, where people from all across the globe can meet and interact for various professional and business motives. Legal translations, therefore, a service with a high demand currently and various service providers are entering into the market to capture the niche looking for services in the said area.

Since legal translation is a task of crucial nature and does not give a margin of errors and mistakes, this is one thing you need to be extremely careful about and choose the right service providers for it.

Make sure you do intensive research before choosing the service providers, read the reviews and try getting a relatively less important and less crucial document first to have an experience of the kind of expertise and professionalism that your chosen service provider has to offer.

But before you dive into this research, you must first understand what this service is all about, when you may need it, what do the service providers in the industry usually have to offer and only then will you be able to make the right choice.

What Is Included In Legal Translation Services In Dubai?

The legal translation may involve the translation of your legal documents while you are planning to move to a different country or the translation of your academic certificates while going abroad on scholarship or for higher education. This may include:

  • documents of national identity,
  • your passport,
  • your academic credentials,
  • birth certificate,
  • marriage certificates,
  • driving license
  • other kinds of employment or no-objection certificates that are obtained at various points during your academic or professional experiences.

A huge portion of the industry related to legal translation services in Dubai works for the businesses and corporate sector, involving their legal contracts, websites, annual reports, legal notices, marketing collaterals, newsletters and introductory documents of the sort.

Interpretation Services

Legal translation not just involves the translation of documents but interpretation services as well. Most of the service providers offer their interpretation services as well for the translated and non-translated documents, for your physical and online meetings of both professional and personal nature and of anything or anything where you may need interpretation for not being a native speaker.

UAE being the business hub and a great tourist attraction, houses a number of professional and academic conferences, meetings, and seminars and that is where the interpretation services are most needed. In the world fighting the pandemic today, the interpretation services are available for online meetings and webinars as well, so that people participating remotely from across the globe can be imparted the information unanimously.

Two types of interpretation are generally available in Dubai, called simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. In consecutive interpretation, the translator is allowed to share the stage with the speaker, but he has to wait for the speaker to pause between his speeches and translate and interpret only when the speaker signals.

This is different from simultaneous as the speaker is allowed to continue speaking in stretches of more than five minutes for as long as he wants to continue before taking an appropriate break during his message that would not distort the flow and crux of what is being communicated.  The language that is chosen for translation and interpretation is according to the preference of the target audience.

The interpreter in this scenario does not have to memorize the entire message word by word but can present a general meaning of the original message without disturbing the basic essence of it. In consecutive interpretation, if the speaker wants to continue in long stretches, an interpreter can take shorthand notes for his/her convenience during the interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation, on the other hand, is the real-time translation when the speaker is making the speech so that those who cannot understand the language spoken by the speaker can get the message simultaneously translated for them at the time of exposure.

Legal Translation Services In Dubai Enabling Foreign Teaching

Since the translation service involves expertise across different languages, a few service providers in legal translation Dubai also offer foreign language teaching courses. You can get short and long language courses for any desired language depending on the need and the degree to which you need to learn it.

Chinese, French, Arabic, English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian are some of the most preferred languages learned through various diplomas and short courses offered by these service providers.

Translation Software, Tools And Equipment

Translation services also include the provision of various software tools and equipment needed for translation. There are multiple software, applications and tools that are used for real-time translation and you can get buy the original versions of these software tools for the authentic retailers in the service.

Editing And Proofreading Services

For the extra value-added and to be extra cautious about your critical translation tasks, it is better to get your translated documents or content cross-checked by getting proofreading and editing services from a different service provider.

While doing the work in haste, it is natural to make some mistakes and what one set of the eye may overlook may be caught by someone else reviewing the work altogether. So it is never a bad idea to get your already done translation proofread in order to avoid any possible errors.

Translation On A Freelance Basis

Legal translation services in Dubai are also available on a freelance basis. If you think that your work is not long-term but that you may need it repeatedly, going for a freelancer might be a suitable choice for you. This gives a pocket-friendly approach and is mostly adopted for easier translation tasks like video subtitles, web content, blogs and articles.

So now that you have a better idea of what legal translation services in Dubai are actually all about, you are now in a better position to make the right decision whenever you need to hire professional legal translation services in Dubai.